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(Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v= IYX_Ql-3U10 )
(Example: http://www. vtubetools .com/watch?v=IYX_Ql-3U10)
Youtube Embed AutoPlay
The settings below are youtube defaults. You can change them.
Autoplay: Yes No
Start Position:
Theme: Dark Light
Disable Keyboard Controls: Yes No
Show Info(title etc): Yes No
Modest Branding: Yes No
Controls: Yes No
Autohide Controls: Yes No
Progress Bar Color: Red White
Allow Fullscreen: Yes No
Loop: Yes No
Related Videos:
Yes No
High Quality: Yes No
Custom Player
Skin / Background
Yes No
Playlist (one url per line)
(Ex: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMH0bHeiRNg)

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Video ID:
  Currently this site only works with youtube, the video ID or URL can be found in the address bar of the Youtube video. Just copy the the whole URL or the ID and paste it here. Or just type replace youtube with vtubetools in the url and it will bring you here. Ex. http://www.vtubetools.com/watch?v=IYX_Ql-3U10
YouTube Embed Code
When loop is selected, the video will restart by itself.
If YouTube Embed AutoPlay is enabled, the video will start automatically.
Resize is for increasing and decreasing the player size.
Modest Branding:
Removes the youtube logo on the control bar.
High Quality:
This option makes the video play in Higher Quality close to HD. Might not work on some videos.
Show Info:
If "no" is selected then whenever you hover the mouse curser over the video the video tile, author etc wont be shown.
Custom Skin/Background:
This option gives you the ability to add a skin or background to the original youtube player. With this you can blend the player with the background or you can use your own image to create your custom player. In html, so might not work in some places.

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