Embed YouTube Video- The How and the Why

YouTube is one of the largest video sharing platforms that exist on the web nowadays. Different types of videos are uploaded on YouTube and shared by people on a daily basis. People may also want to embed YouTube videos on their website. This can be an existing video or one they have made recently. The website needs to have support for embedding content in order to make this possible. The process is quite simple as the code is provided to users by Google and all they are required to do is copy and paste it.

The first step to be taken is pressing the ‘Embed’ button on the YouTube video. This button cannot be seen on the channel page, but is visible on the watch page. The embed link has to be clicked next, which can be found below the video. The YouTube embed options will be provided to people when they click on the embed button. There are several options available for custom embedding your YouTube video. The first option available is whether to use related videos, which typically show up in small boxes on the bottom third of the video player. The next option is ‘privacy enhanced’.

This mode is concerned with whether a browser cookie has been set up by Google for the video when the page has been loaded, but the video hasn’t been played. Individuals are also given the option of adding a border to the video in order to make it different from the surrounding content. The bottom player bar will show people the color choices if they don’t use a border. A thumbnail preview is also shown to give people an idea of how the HTML video player will look. A color palette is available from which the desired combination can be chosen before the right size is selected.

The size should be large enough to show the video clearly, but not too large that it consumes too much of the bandwidth of your customers. The YouTube embedder updates the code with every choice made by people. The code can be directly copied from the option box that opens when the embed button is pressed. Now the code has to be pasted and the video will have been embedded. There are some YouTube parameters that can also be chosen by people as they are optional and they include:

  • Autohide: Whether the video control options will be hidden automatically or displayed is controlled by this particular parameter.
  • Autoplay: This parameter decides if the video will play automatically when the player is loaded.
  • Color: Color is specified by this parameter for showing the amount of the video that has been seen by the user. White and red are valid parameter values.
  • Controls: This parameter highlights if the controls of the video player will be displayed

Apart from these, there are plenty of other parameters such as load policy, disablekb, enablejsapi and end. All they are used for customizing your embedded YouTube video in your desired location.

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