Youtube Video In Powerpoint

When we talk about a slideshow, it immediately brings text heavy electronic pages to mind which are flipped with the use of a virtual presentation deck. However, it isn’t necessary for slideshows to be so static. An ideal platform can be found in the form of the Microsoft PowerPoint which enables users to host videos from a variety of platforms including YouTube. There are millions of options at the disposal of people ranging from funny vines and clips to business assistance. The video can be embedded in PowerPoint presentations to give the presentation a stronger impact and outlook.

The commonly asked question is how to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint 2010 ? Most people consider it a complicated process due to which they don’t give it a shot. This is simply a misconception; it may sound difficult, but is actually a very straightforward process. People don’t have to worry about needing any expertise to embed a YouTube video in their presentation to make it more informative and entertaining for the audience. Mentioned below are some of the easy and simple steps that can be followed by people for embedding a YouTube video in their PowerPoint presentation for online viewing:

1-     The first thing that people should do is open their PowerPoint presentation and go to the slide where they wish to add the video.

2-     Now you should click on File Tab & then click on options. After that click on Customize Ribbon & then where it says Choose Commands from, select Main Tabs

3-     Then click on the Developer & click on Add as that will then add the developer to the main tabs list.

4-     Once you click okay, then you will see a new tab like how you see File, View, Insert, Design etc….with name of: Developer, so click on that

5-     Under this option you need to choose control toolbox and select more controls from there. Here scroll down until you find ‘Shockwave Flash Object’. Once you find that, select that and click ok.

6-     You will now see the + sign which will let you draw a box on the side where you want the video. Once the box has been drawn, right click on it and then select the ‘Properties’.

7-     You will see a tab named: Movie. This is where you will need to paste the embed code as per instructions below.

So create the embed code for PowerPoint, it is a very easy manual process. Copy the link of your Youtube Video and then remove the word: “watch?” & also remove the character = and replace it with a “/” For e.g

If your Youtube Video URL is:

Then the embed url would look like:

8-  Then simply close the properties tab as that would already put the video in the slide.

9-  For viewing if the video is showing or not, go to the slide where you had put the youtube video, & then go to Slide Mode which you can easily do by clicking on Slide Show tab and click on From Current Slide.

10-You should be able to see your video now in the PowerPoint presentation

This is all that needs to be done for embedding a YouTube video in PowerPoint presentation.

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