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YouTube is the number one video sharing site on the internet & third largest searched site after Google & Facebook. Embed Youtube Video online with YouTube Embed Code to market your business as that can generate more leads and help your business grow by getting a lot of YouTube views. Adding a video to your marketing strategy is not all that expensive either. You can even do it yourself right from your laptop or smartphone!

Video enhances your online presence and visibility

If you have noticed, when you perform a search, the top results are almost always videos. Google actually wantsto show your video as part of the search results. If you think your competition has a head start on you but they are not yet using videos, by adding a video yourself you can beat them to the page one results! So if you have a video on YouTube and it is going to help somebody with something they want to do it would show up in search and get you more YouTube views and hence, leads.

Video is the best medium for online engagement.

There is absolutely no doubt that people like to watch YouTube videos. When you create and upload YouTube clips, people can actually see and hear you or your product. They can see your face; listen to your voice and ‘feel’ the message you are trying to convey. If you are able to touch their emotional or inquisitive chords, you are making a connection by relating to them. And they understand what you are trying to convey. This way it becomes easy for you to show and describe a product or service and when you add imagery and music to it, it grabs viewers’ attention thereby giving you more exposure.

Further you can use YouTube’s annotation feature to create buttons within your YouTube videos to drive visitors directly to your webpage of choice! This is indeed an acclaimed feature that you should use to maximize engagement of your viewers thereby getting more leads.When you make your videos it is not necessary that you appear in them. You could provide images and graphics or a video of your product and provide voice overs.

Draw maximum mileage out of a single video.

Once you are done creating your video and you upload it onto YouTube there is another awesome feature on YouTube by use of which you can embed the video back on your website or blog, thus increasing its reach. Further you can promote it on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Pinterest as also on LinkedIn by providing the link on these sites.

Video definitely helps in reaching out to a larger audience.

According to a study reported by Forbes, 60 per cent of executives prefer to watch a video rather than read text. There are plenty of people out there who learn better by observation. Thus by adding or uploading and sharing your video, you are actually creating more opportunities by engaging people. And for those people who prefer to read, you can always add a transcript of your video.

A single video that you post on YouTube and embed on your website or blog post continues to entice new visitors and generate leads for your business beyond your imagination. In fact it happens for years; and we are talking of new visitors!

Video gives great ROI

When you make a video, you could make it for free or you might spend a few hundred dollars on it. Even if you hire professionals to make the videoand it has cost you money, don’t worry, the return on investment on videos is fantastic. Simply because, if you consider doing an ad in the print media- newspapers and magazines- it is going to cost you much more. And once the paper or magazine does its rounds and is read, it is dead! But in the case of your YouTube clips, it goes on and on- unless you delete it yourself. So it makes absolute sense for you to crate that video and share it on YouTube. Research has proved that people are more likely to buy a product after seeing it on a video.

Additional tips on making videos

So if you have decided to make videos and you want people to watch YouTube videos you upload, make sure they are appealing to the viewer. Do not make YouTube clips just for the sake of making them. Make sure you have a lot of YouTube views by ensuring that your video has a purpose behind it and it holds the attention of the viewer. Get imaginative with your YouTube clips to ensure maximum YouTube views. Make them as professional as you possibly can. And finally invite viewers to post comments and share your YouTube videos with others. When you respond to comments in a good way that is engagement with the viewer- Keep them engaged!

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