How YouTube Embed AutoPlay works

There are certain websites that have YouTube videos embedded in them. You will notice that when you visit such websites, the embedded video will start playing automatically. The purpose is to ensure that the visitor watches the video, especially if it is for marketing a product or service. YouTube Embed Auto Play is a simple process and every business can implement it on their websites to get more and more people to watch the video when they launch on their website. In case of some websites, this may be annoying, especially when the content is irrelevant. However, YouTube embed auto play may just be one thing a business needs to do.

The question is how to go about it? Most people think that video auto play will simply happen automatically because that’s what happens when you open the video on YouTube. Nonetheless, this doesn’t happen when you actually embed a YouTube video on your website. This doesn’t mean that technical expertise is needed for achieving auto play of videos. It is a relatively straightforward process. The first thing that people need to do is find the code of the video they want to play automatically because it will have to be amended. It may seem complicated, but is quite easy. These are the steps you need to follow:

1-     Previously on the right hand side, but now below the video, people can find the code they need for embedding a particular YouTube video on their website.

2-     The code should be copied and pasted on Notepad, Word or somewhere similar.

3-     Now everything needs to be deleted that’s written before and after the word embed.

4-     In the unique details of YouTube, which are present in the middle of the code, people will find the number ‘1’ mentioned.

5-     Once they have found it, they need to add ‘&autoplay’ immediately before it.

This is all they need to do for amending the code in order to ensure video auto play when the video is embedded onto a website. Now it is time to embed it on the desired website, which can be done by following the below mentioned steps:

1-     The page where the video has to be added should be opened.

2-     A row of xxxxxxxx should be typed where people wish to paste the video.

3-     Now, it is time to find the source code where all the xxxxxxx can be found.

4-     They should be copied and then pasted between the amended code of the YouTube video that has to be embedded.

5-     The last step requires saving the changes after which, the video can be published onto the Web.

This is all people need to know when they want to make an embedded YouTube video play automatically on their website whenever it is opened by a customer. It is one of the most prominent video marketing strategies that can be used for targeting customers and increasing the conversion ratio of visitors to customers in order to earn huge profits.

If you are not too familiar with html, you can use our YouTube Video Embed tool  which can generate the embed code for you along with many other cool options that you might want to use.

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