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The settings below are youtube defaults except for
Autoplay. You can change them. (Help below)
Custom Player Panel (Help?)
Autoplay: Yes No
Player Color:
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Border: Yes No
Allow Full Screen: Yes No
Loop: Yes No
Related Videos:
Yes No
High Quality: Yes No
Custom Player
Skin / Background
Yes No
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Video ID:  Currently this site only works with youtube, the video ID or URL can be found in the address bar of the Youtube video. Just copy the the whole URL or the ID and paste it here. Or just type replace youtube with vtubetools in the url and it will bring you here. Ex. http://www.vtubetools.com/watch?v=IYX_Ql-3U10
Choosing colors:  You can change the player color to your needs. Just click on the text field to activate he color picker. With this you can match your website, blog or myspace profile to the embedded player. If you select the Match to background option, the player will appear the same as above. It will all be the same color.
When loop is selected, the video will restart by itself.
If autoplay is enabled, the video will start automaticaly.
Resize is for increasing and decreasing the player size.
Border will make the player border visible.
High Quality:
This option makes the video play in Higher Quality close to HD. Might not work on some videos.
Here you can customize your youtube player to embed on your website, blog, or any other page that supports html. With the custom background feature, you can create anything possible whether with a background picture or just colors.
Custom Skin/Background:
This option gives you the ability to add a skin or background to the original youtube player. With this you can blend the player with the background or you can use your own image to create your custom player.
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